Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most asked questions, so you can feel confident when using your Purived Houseplant Food!

How do I use this fertilizer?

To soil drench or bottom feed: Add 1 cap full (2 teaspoons) of Purived Houseplant Food to 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water. Do not feed more than once per week. Won’t burn plants when used as directed.

To foliar feed: Add 1/2 cap full (1 teaspoon) of Purived Houseplant Food to 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water and spray on leaves.

Is it pet safe?

The short answer is “YES”. However we don’t think there is any fertilizer that would be safe for any animal or human to ingest. We specifically state on the label “Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children”. In the case of pets: If they get any fertilizer (concentrated or diluted) on their skin/fur just rinse with water and they’ll be fine. If they happen to lick a small amount that spilled on the floor. They will be fine. If they were to drink a decent amount of the concentrated fertilizer, we would suggest calling your vet for professional help.

Is this product vegan and cruelty free?

Purived Houseplant Food is 100% mineral based. It is not derived from animal products. No animals were harmed in the making of this product. However, we tested it on “The Beast”, our huge monstera plant and she loved it. 😉

How often can I use this plant food?

It is safe to use every time you feed/water your plants. When used ad directed, it will not burn your plants or roots. We suggest not using fertilizer n the winter months unless you see new growth.

Is this safe to use on my herb garden?

Absolutely! Purived Houseplant Food is non-toxic and groundwater safe. Just be sure to wash your herbs well before consuming them

Can this be used when propagating a cutting?

Yes, but only when the cutting has started to develop roots. Until then, only use fresh (non chlorinated) water.
TIP… Dip the cutting in cinnamon powder to help stimulate root growth. 🙂

Is this organic?

No, this is an all-natural “mineral based” inorganic fertilizer that is non-toxic, groundwater safe, and feeds instantly! Remember…. Organic fertilizer nutrients have to be converted (broken down) into inorganic forms by the soil bacteria and fungi before plants can use them, so they typically are more slowly released.

What is the pH of the fertilizer?

Purived Houseplant Food has a neutral pH of 7

Can Purived Houseplant Food be pre-mixed and stored for future use?

Purived Houseplant Food is a “True solution” it won’t settle or separate. So Yes, it can be pre-mixed and stored. So if you pre-mix a gallon of feed and don’t use the entire gallon then simply store it at room temperature until the next time you water/feed your plants.

What is the expiration date?

Purived Houseplant Food has a shelf life of 2 years.

Does this have salt in it?

No…. there are no added salts. But to expand on this question, every fertilizer has a salt index. Which is the measure of “the potential” for that fertilizer to do harm to a plant. Purived Houseplant Food 4-5-5 was specifically formulated to have a very low (nearly untraceable) salt index. When used as directed you cannot harm your plants.

Can this be used in an aerogarden or hydroponic systems, and what would the mixing ratio be?

YES… Purived Houseplant food is 100% water soluble! Use the same mixing ratio as the soil drench… 2 tablespoons (1 cap full) per gallon of water.

What does "water soluble" mean?

Water soluble basically means, dissolves in water. All the nutrients are easily broken down, feeding your plants instantly.

Does this fertilizer have nitrates?

No Nitrates, No Chlorides, No Sodium and No Carbonates… It’s “liquid love” for your houseplants and the environment.

Can I use Purived Houseplant Food as a foliar feed?

Yes! Just add 1/2 of a cap full (1 teaspoon) per gallon of water. Then spray directly onto your plant’s foliage.

What micro-nutrients does this have?

The micro-nutrients in Purived Houseplant Food are: Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc.

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